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fire cabinets for fire house reels hose racks extinguishers etc.




Carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind any residues after discharge thus avoiding damage to sensitive equipment. With no agent clean up, there is less downtime after an incident. When properly designed, the carbon dioxide system will suppress fire in Class A, B, and C hazards by displacing the air containing oxygen that supports combustion. Typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems include printing presses, vaults, open pits, dip tanks, spray booths, ovens, engine rooms, coating machines, process equipment, hoods and ducts, flammable gas or liquid storage areas, and generators. The High Pressure Carbon Dioxide System is especially effective for non-occupied hazards. Personnel occupying areas protected by carbon dioxide systems must be evacuated prior to system discharge. Therefore, discharge time delays and alarms are mandatory for occupied hazards. Whatever the application, from cylinder to nozzle, each system can be custom-designed for specific fire hazards. High pressure systems use individual storage cylinders—from 35 lb. (16 kg) to 120 lb. (54 kg) capacity each—that can be manifolded together for rapid simultaneous discharge. Cylinder valves can be opened automatically or manually and either locally or remotely using electric, pneumatic or mechanical valve actuators.












fire tec designs and custom-builds a wide range of fire pump systems that meet every fire protection need, to protect lives and properties throughout changing climatic conditions and weather events. fire tec fire pumps have been tested in the field so that it will perform perfectly and provides real value and reliability. fire tec brings its technical expertise to the industry to improve fire protection systems globally.

fire tec Series standard packaged pump sets includes a wide variety of fire pump units start from 50 gpm size up to 1500 gpm, with pressure range from 6 bar up to 12 bar.

The Fire Pump Package Controller detects signals through set of built in switches that reflect the system Pressure & Flow status enabling fire pump package drivers(Electrical /Diesel /Jockey) to operate in case of pressure in the system is lower than set point, as well as operating the Stand by driver due to power failure and/or substantial drop in pressure.

fire tec Excel Series Controllers are pre-wired, and factory tested before shipment and made ready for immediate usage



fire tec provides fire extinguishers to meet every type of emergency. Our fire extinguishers are fully certified and have been rigorously tested to ensure that they provide the required protection for your property. We stock the following types of fire extinguishers: CO₂, Dry Powder, Water, Foam, Clean Agent and Wet Chemical.

A fire extinguisher is an essential piece of equipment for properties and vehicles. fire tec also supplies specially-made car fire extinguisher and we will inform you about fire extinguisher regulation for boats. If needed, we can conduct a fire extinguisher inspection to ensure that your fire extinguisher performs in an emergency

Portable dry powder 






You expect a top-performing product from a world leader in fire detection and suppression. INERGEN clean agent delivers. Reliable and field proven, the INERGEN system safeguards. Lives and property to protect your business.

High Performance Results:

Upon discharge, INERGEN agent floods the room and remains suspended, suppressing the fire quickly and effectively. How quickly? In performance testing, INERGEN agent easily exceeded the NFPA Standard 2001 allowance of one-minute discharge, suppressing a Class A fire in 22 seconds and a Class B fire in 17 seconds.

Safe for Your Property:

As destructive as fire can be, conventional agents also can damage sensitive equipment, including your data storage, information processing and system operation electronics — equipment that keeps your business running.

INERGEN is a clean, non-conductive and natural fire suppression agent that won’t damage valuable assets. Many archival organizations use INERGEN agent to protect irreplaceable items such as artwork, historic documents and antiquities.

Safe for People:

INERGEN agent is nontoxic and doesn’t produce corrosive decomposition products. Halocarbon (chemical) alternatives can create dangerous levels of hydrogen fluoride in the presence of fire. INERGEN agent is safe for people in a number of other ways. When discharged, INERGEN agent will not produce a fog, so escape routes remain visible. Also, INERGEN agent suppresses the fire but doesn’t deplete the amount of oxygen people require to remain safe and healthy. This is vital in cases where immediate

evacuation may not be possible. In fact, people exposed to INERGEN agent in extinguishing concentrations receive the same amount of oxygen to the brain as they do in an ordinary atmosphere.

Safe for the Environment:

INERGEN agent is non-synthetic and composed of gases people breathe: nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Once discharged, it simply returns to the atmosphere in its natural state.

The production of Halon 1301 was banned in 1993 due to its negative effects on the ozone layer. INERGEN agent poses no ozone depletion or global warming potential and is warranted to comply with future environmental standards.

State-of-the-Art Detection and Suppression:

Even before a fire reaches the flame stage, INERGEN systems can detect and

suppress it. This state-of-the-art detection and control system combines exclusive AUTOPULSE microprocessor control panels with highly sensitive smoke, heat and flame detectors and specialized agent distribution components. In case of fire, AUTOPULSE control panels also will sound alarms, close doors and shut down equipment. The system provides automatic detection day and night in conjunction with manual pull stations.

The Ultimate Fire Suppression Solution:

The ANSUL brand promises a full range of quality fire protection solutions – from automatic detection and suppression systems to a complete line of wheeled and hand portable fire extinguishers and more. Plus, our extensive network of Authorized ANSUL

Distributors provides factory-trained professionals to serve our customers virtually anywhere in the world.

A Passion for Protection:

Dedicated customer support. Extensive product portfolio. Engineering excellence. Trusted, proven brands. Fire Tecc Protection Products offers all of these attributes, plus a passion

for protection. It’s what drives us to create solutions to help safeguard what matters most — your valued people, property and business.