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Whereas CO2 is available in a cryogenic storage tank, we recommend CO2 cylinder filling stations manually or automatically controlled, including all the suitable devices to carry out the CO2 filling of extinguishers and cylinders. Whereas you need to transfer cylinder-to-cylinder, our offer includes CO2 transfer and recovery units for portable extinguishers and sparklettes, machines for filling life raft pressure cylinder filled whit nitrogen and carbon dioxide, machines for filling small cylinders and cartridges used to gasify water/beverages

FM200_HFC227ea (USA UL/FM)


The THB5 series is designed, to fill, recover and recycle the fire extinguishing Clean Agents (both in liquid and gas phases) from system cylinders into other cylinders or disposable tank. Depending from the model/version, it is possible to recover the mixture Agent + Nitrogen from pressurized cylinders into cylinders of the same capacity, also at the same final filling pressure of 24 or 42 bar. The unit is also able to fill the cylinders or the fire extinguishers with a new fire extinguishing Clean Agent, starting from a large tank container and then pressurizing them by Nitrogen at the required final pressure. AVAILABLE MODELS THB/5: 6 kg/1' max - 0,7 kg/1' max - 50 bar THB/523: 7 kg/1' max - 0,9 kg/1' max - 70 bar COMPONENTS - Painted steel structure - Control panel with devices name labels - Liquid or gas pumping group, dry without lubrication - Air supply treatment group - Control gauges - Inlet filter - Drying up filter - Control glass for liquid / gas phase - Kit of connecting hoses with on - off valves and safety cable.



Mobile foam filling unit SUM-20-MP-DL for liquid extinguisher maintenance of foam and water extinguishers to 12 liters. The filling and emptying takes place below the liquid level, therefore, foaming of the medium is avoided. Switching between filling and emptying via ball valve

The company has the capabilities to fill fixed-system main tanks in projects that are in service without removing from their location regardless of their size.

The company also uses various products by international companies that are UL / FM certified.




INERGEN agent is non-synthetic and made of naturally occurring gases: nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. Once discharged, it returns to the atmosphere in its natural state. INERGEN agent is free of residues and corrosive by-products that may produce further property damage. And because it poses no ozone depleting or global warming threat, INERGEN agent will never be subject to future legislative bans

The company work is not limited to filling a specific material, type or capacity. It is responsible for filling of all types of INERGIN gas.



We produce powders

The company fills chemical powders for major global factories such as AMREX and FUREX.